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Thursday, November 08, 2007

32 YEARS?!?!?!!

 Well I haven't posted for a while and I'm feeling quite nostalgic because my husband and I were married 32 years ago TODAY!  It doesn't seem possible that it's been that long but in some ways it even seems longer!  (In a good way MOST DAYS!)

We've been through a lot like anyone who's been married for longer that two weeks but today it seems so worth it all!  (see the card above and that will explain it ALL!) To see our kids doing well (most of the time!) and see them starting their lives with spouses and's WONDERFUL!  

I know that I have someone who will be there for me when I need him. He's the one I call when I am afraid or upset or angry or happy about something that's happened and I just wanted to publicly thank him for these years!  I could'nt have made it without his patience and strength! 


Well before I wax TOO poetic I'll give you all a few more tips for ATC's!  I'm still having sooo much fun!



After I’ve glued all my images on and am happy with the card I make sure it is all trimmed up nicely (from the back) before I start sealing it.  I also like to trim the corners off with some sharp scissors.  Of course this isn’t necessary but to me it makes it look a little cleaner.  Just use your eye and trim the tiniest bit to make the corners round.  I put one coat of mod podge on the front and the “sides” BUT be sure to clean up the back before you lay it down to dry.  If you have trouble getting a perfect finish try purposely using short quick strokes for a “painterly effect”! I usually lay it on the top to one of my acrylic paint bottles but you can also lay it on a plastic garbage bag. When it’s dry I give the back a coat and repeat the process if desired. Sometimes I put as many as 4 coats back and front but 1-2 is all that’s necessary. It all depends on the look you like.  Mod podge will make your card flexible and IF it has curled or warped you can gently…..GENTLY…curl it back into shape.  


Love you ALL!



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