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Monday, October 29, 2007

One of the best days of my life!!

Good Morning everybody!


I had the BEST day yesterday! 


One of our sons called and wanted to know I wanted to go with them to the pumpkin patch we used to take them to almost 20 years ago!  Him and his sweet daughter in law named Jacquelyn...have a new baby and they wanted Grandma along! YES Hugo is going to be a BUMBLE BEE for Halloween!!



It's a cheesy little farm about 45 minutes from Portland and you have to ride the ferry to get there!  The ferry only holds about 6 cards and it literally only takes about 2 minutes to get across the "river"!


It was a GORGEOUS day!  Crisp and clear and cold BUT sunny!  Just PERFECT!


There's a little "train" to ride to go see some farm animals and then ON TO THE PUMPKIN PATCH!  Hugo is just about the sweetest baby any Grandma ever had and of course he is ADORABLE too!  I've lost my heart to him!!!  Here's a picture of Grandma "stealin some sugar!"


When we got there we saw my sister and her family.....just by accident and hung around with them for the rest of the day!  What a blessing the entire day was!




I begrudgingly (not really) let my sister hold him after she gave him a teensy tiny pumpkin she bought for him before we got there!  (take a look at Hugo....I'm pretty sure he's thinking....I WISH GRANDMA WAS HOLDING ME!) tee hee!


This last one is of Hugo amongst the pumpkins!  I miss him already!


******HUGE sigh******What a WONDERFUL day that was!  One for the memory books!


Ok here are a few more art tips! 




I have lots of people ask me what kind of collage medium I use.  I LOVE plain old mod podge! 

 Remember it from the 1970’s? Well it is available in any craft store.  I like the matte finish and I HATE the gloss but try both and see what works for you!   I know a lot of my fellow artists use “Goldens” and I HAD tried it several times without much luck. I recently tried Golden’s again and realized it works much better for gluing images on. It’s much thicker and doesn’t make your paper wavy like mod podge does. Now I use Golden’s to glue the image on and then seal them with Mod Podge.  I tend to use my finger as a “paint brush”.  Since we’re dealing with such small spaces a finger full of collage medium that has been rubbed on the card works better for me than fiddling with a paint brush. 


I hope you all have a WONDERFUL artful day!







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Blogger Rose Garden Romantic said...

That sounds like a perfect day! Your grandson is adorable!! Happy Fall!

10:08 AM  
Blogger Bees in my Bonnet said...

awww you're so sweet Michelle! I really appreciate you taking the time to send me such kind words! Love Becky PS YOu are GORGEOUS!!

3:41 PM  

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