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Friday, October 26, 2007


.......I just can't!

Partly because I'm feeling so creative and partly because I had 2 or 3 DIET COKES!

Before I get my butt to bed I thought I'd share a few more atc tips with you!

GLUE then CUT?

After you’ve initially cut out the image you want to use try NOT to cut it any further before you glue it on (UNLESS your already begun design requires you to!) Sometimes just putting part of an image on is more effective. When we’re working with such small sizes it’s important to make the most of every little bit and if you can convey your thought with ¾ of a Victorian lady then all the better! What I do is cut the image out completely out and lay it on the card (don’t glue yet) judging as I place my image on how much I need for it to still look “right”. I either use my hand to simulate where the border is or just lightly run my finger over the edge of the card and the little bend on the paper will show me where the edge is. That way I can judge just exactly where I want it. Sometimes you have to sacrifice an arm or part of a dress so that you can have more room for more STUFF! Also that little bend tells you exactly where to cut IF you need to cut part of it off to fit into your design! BE BRAVE and glue it down! When it’s dry I trim off the edges that are lapping over (from the BACK) with some sharp scissors. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell exactly how much you want on there so positioning it, gluing it, and THEN cutting it later works better for me! Remember to wait until your glue is DRY!

Nitey nite!



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